Friday 15th February 2013
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About the Accelerator Gazette

The Accelerator Gazette has been set up to provide up to the minute news and insight for people in the business accelerator, incubator and science/technology park industry.

The role of the Accelerator Gazette is to objectively report, to provide critical analysis, to provide a platform for opinion and debate …and perhaps most importantly, to connect-the-dots.

The Accelerator Gazette is a partnership between Bob Rushby and the University of Waterloo REAP program.

Bob Rushby is the founder and editor-in-chief of the Accelerator Gazette. He was Chief Technology Officer at Christie Digital Systems until hephoto of Bob Rushby retired in 2011 At Christie, Bob was one of the co-inventors of Christie's award-winning MicroTiles (you can watch Bob talk about MicroTiles here). He has extensive experience mentoring young entrepreneurs and is the Innovator-In-Residence for the University of Waterloo's REAP student entrepreneurship program. Bob has 6 patents. Bob can usually be found at the Communitech Hub in Kitchener Canada hanging out with the startups being incubated there.

REAP is an incubator located in St. Jacobs, Ontario. REAP helps undergraduate students develop new uses for innovative interactive display technologies. Rather than building products or services from scratch, they combine two or more technologies and create new products that can be taken to market.

This allows for quick and efficient solutions that meet emerging needs. REAP began as a research project with Christie Digital Systems. Professors from the University of Waterloo’s Faculty of Arts introduced the Christie MicroTilesTM (co-invented by Bob Rushby) to unexpected new venues, such as theatres, galleries and museums.

That initial project led to the creation of REAP. In October 2011, REAP, along with its founding partners Christie Digital Systems Inc. and Quarry Integrated Communications, opened a community-based lab in St. Jacobs called the Felt Lab. REAP sponsors The Accelerator Gazette as part of its mandate to identify ways in which other technology incubators are successfully operating around the world.