Friday 15th February 2013
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Marketing agencies and startups: Finding the middle ground

When you are part of a start-up company, it can be hard to develop your business when your team and your budget is so limited. If you don’t have a market-minded person on the team, you will likely have to outsource to a marketing agency to spread the word on your company. Because agencies often deal with larger companies with institutionalized work processes, the same methods don’t always gel well with start-ups.

Pitching for People... the Employee Value Proposition

If you read and followed the approach that I outlined in the June 7, 2012, edition of the Accelerator Gazette article “Why You Think You’re Too Early Stage For a Human Resources Strategy And Why You’re Wrong”, you have identified the pivotal roles to achieve your business goals and the requisite competencies.

Make social media work for your startup

Founding a startup business and being your own boss can be a really rewarding experience, but it also requires careful allocation of resources and a lot of hard work. As business starts pouring in, the realization that there never seems to be enough time or people quickly sets in. Luckily, we live in a social media age where there are countless free or cost-effective solutions to help you promote your business. The trick is knowing when to leverage social networks to spread your message, and when you need to outsource your public relations to a professional organization.

It's never too early for a human resources strategy

“Why have these companies (Google and Gilt Group) succeeded? It’s not the idea – it’s the people. Execution is what matters, and execution relies on human talent.”
Kevin Ryan, Founder and CEO of Gilt Group
Harvard Business Review, January-February 2012

Five baseline assumptions on seed accelerators

This is a guest contribution from Jed Christiansen. The original post can be found here and is posted here with his permission.

Five baseline assumptions on seed accelerators